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Fasciamaster No. 1 The Specialist

Best Fascia tool for myofascial release

FasciaMaster No. 1 is our flagship product, ideal for left- and right-handed therapists. Its different edges make it flexible and multifunctional, and it is made of high-quality, medical-grade stainless steel.
Fascia Master No. 1 is ergonomically designed for easy control and manipulation. It is a powerful tool for highly trained therapists, allowing targeted penetration into deeper tissue.


Example videos

How to clean and hold the tool

Treat cross-links

FasciaMaster No 2.1 (Liquify the Fascia)

multifunctional fascia tool for adhesions

FasciaMaster No 2.1 is a friction tool or fascia pen, an improvement of No 2.0. It is shorter than the No.2.0 and has a better grip. With a rough surface, it is easier for physiotherapists to make fast quick movements on the spot that heats the tissue - “liquify fascia” (LF)- or you can use it for friction treatment. Due to its ergonomic design, it’s easy to grip, and the tool is sturdy without being too light. The Fascia Master stick is made of Medical Grade Stainless Steel.


Example videos

How to clean an hold the tool

Liquify the fascia

Cross friction

Deep tissue massage

Fascia tool for Crochetage  Fibrolysis friction Tool myofascial release

FasciaMaster No. 3 Separating Tool

Fascia Master no 3, IASTM separating Tool or Fascia Hook (Faszien Tool). Its ergonomic design makes it easy to handle and glide softly through soft tissue mobilisation.

It can also be used for Crochetage or Fibrolysis techniques. IASTM gliding techniques or breaking down crosslinking. You can feel and hear the crosslinks through the -quality- of the metal.
The Fascia Master separating hook is made of medical-grade stainless steel.



Example videos

How to clean and hold

Example Usage for Crosslinks

Example Usage Gliding technique

Example Usage for Crochetage / Fibrolysis

Example Back treatment

Fascia tool for Triggerpoints massage

Fasciamaster No. 4 Multifunctional Triggerpoint Tool

Fascia Master, no 4 is a multifunctional tool for identifying and treating muscle trigger points. It is ideal for the beginning therapist and is one of our best-selling items, as it is ergonomically designed to rest easily in your hand. All Trigger Sticks (also the coloured ones) are made from aluminium.
Fascia Master trigger stick for trigger points is a powerful IASTM tool (Faszien tool) for myofascial release.


example videos

How to clean and hold

Trigger point locate and treat

For example, how to find a TrP in the leg and treat

How to use it as a massage tool/spare your joints

Foamrolling balls, myofascial release balls

FasciaMaster No. 5 Myofascial Balls

FasciaMaster No.5 Myofascial Balls for professional and non-professional usage. The FasciaMaster ball is specially made for the clinic. This is implemented in pain management, and the therapist recommends this to patients. The ball features a soft top layer and a dense inner core that allows you to work over and around bony areas. Suitable for pain management and body maintenance. Also ideal for training.


example videos                                                            

The milk method                                   

Shoulder mobilisation exercise

Shoulder stabilisation exercise

Self-treatment shoulder/chest

Self-treatment neck

Correct your spine

Train the leg


voorbeeld videos

De melkmethode

Schouder mobilisatie

Schouder stabilisatie

Zelf behandeling triggerpunten schouder-borst

Zelf behandeling triggerpoints nek

Zelf je rug recht zetten

Train je been

myofascial release bar, mulitfunctional

Fasciamaster No. 7 Big Surface

Fasciamaster No.7, the long bar, was developed to cover a wide area with less power. No. 7 has different three different angles to perceive more intensity. Target area: back, upper leg and calf muscle.


What happens under your skin with myofascial bar release?

How to use the bar

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