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 Innovation in therapy

20 years of experience

The Fasciamaster tools are developed for hands-on Therapists. The ergonomic design and weight are so developed that the device lies comfortably in hand, and the tool will bring the treatment to a higher level for the therapist and the client. Elongation of the therapist's hand. The tools will be sold by


The quality of the metal of some of our devices will work like a stethoscope; you can hear connective crosslinks and feel the vibration through the tool in your hand.


One of the most complaints of therapists is arthrosis of the hand; with the tools, we want to make the therapist's work more manageable, and the patient experiences more pleasant.


The Fasciamaster tools are developed after more than 20 years of experience in the clinic, and from the therapist feedback we get from our courses.


Fascia Tool voor triggerpunten
fascia tool for triggerpoints
Fascia tool for myofascial release
Fascia tool for trigger points
Triggerpoint zoeker

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Learn About Fasciamaster

At Fasciamaster we try to develop tools to help hands-on therapists with their treatments and lessen the impact on their joints. Complaints for the therapist when they get older is arthrosis in their joints. The fasciamaster tools are so ergonomic developed that the tools feel pleasant in the hands. The therapist can use less force for intensive treatments. Patients, on the other hand, feel in general quick improvement after the treatment. 

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